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The UCool Keyboard

It fits where you need it
One Year Warranty

UCool Keyboard Features | Specifications

The UCool washable keyboard is Man & Machine’s answer to people and organizations who want an hygienic computer workplace. The UCool keyboard can be rinsed out and even submerged in water. The capacity for the UCool to be thoroughly washed reduces the quantity of surface germs and therefore mitigates the risk to users. The inside of the keyboard is sealed to protect it against fluids such as water or coffee, and even most cleaning materials. Drainage holes in each key pocket allow excess water or spilled fluids to quickly exit the keyboard before causing damage. These features do not disrupt typing comfort; the UCool looks and feels like a normal keyboard. Recent discoveries about keyboards being dirtier than toilet seats make the UCool the ideal solution for improving the hygiene and sickness prevention at the computer workplace.

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UCool Keyboard UCool Keyboard UCool Keyboard

Cleaning Instructions:

The UCool keyboard can be cleaned by wiping, brushing, rinsing and/or submersing. The UCool is easy and fully cleanable with most cleaning materials (e.g. alcohol and chlorine solution (max. 10%)). Unlike its competitors, the UCool keyboard does not use silver particles or antibacterial agents because of the growing concern over the environmental and health hazards silver particles present.

  1. Dust and water resistant IP68
  2. Fully submersible in water
  3. Drainage holes for quick drain away of fluids
  4. Plug & play
  5. Standard US layout
  6. Standard tactile feedback
  7. Limited One-year Warranty

  1. Size: 17.75 x 6.25 x 0.75 (in) / 450.85 x 158.75 x 19.05 (mm)
  2. Weight: 1.2 (lb) / 539 (g)
  3. Cable Length: 4.75 (ft) / 1.44 (m)
  4. Power Consumption: 26mA (Max)
  5. Voltage: 5 Volt
  6. Platform: Windows and Mac
  7. Number of Keys: 104
  8. Color: black/grey or white
  9. USB connection, suitable for PS/2 adaptor
  10. Compliance: CE, FCC
User Manual UCool User Manual

Standard Price: $100.00 F.O.B. Hyattsville, MD