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Managed Services

How can I determine if Managed Services is right for our organization?

It's easy. Contact Templeton Technology Group to arrange a no-fee appointment. We will interview key staff in your organization to collect data for a Cost-Savings Analysis, and will perform a thorough Network Assessment in order to determine what, if any, remediation must occur to the network in order to prepare it for Managed Services.

What is the Network Assessment?

We will thoroughly document your network and identify the state of your equipment, operating systems, and installed applications and services. This is critical in order to accurately determine what it will cost to bring the environment up to a minimum baseline standard for Managed Services.

What is involved with the Cost-Savings Analysis?

We will interview three members of your staff:

  • The person who deals with all issues involving vendors who service the network.
  • The person who performs "lightweight" information technology work, and who "keeps things running" until a problem requires them to call in existing reactive, break-fix service provider.
  • The person who handles payroll.
  • From these interviews, we can determine how much time staff members spend dealing with vendor issues, performing internal maintenance to devices on the network, and provide staff salary information.

    These critical data points result in the Cost-Savings Analysis. This analysis will determine whether there are value and cost savings that can result from using Templeton Technology's Managed Services.

    How do I get started?

    That's simple. Just phone us at 818-478-1500 or email us at Remember, we do not charge for either the Network Assessment or the Cost-Savings Analysis. And we never charge for travel time.