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About Templeton Technology Group

Founded by J.C. Love, a disabled veteran of the Viet Nam War, Templeton Technology Group began as a computer application development company in 1982, focusing on the personal computer networking business.

As experts in the MP/M and TurboDOS multi-user environments, TTG authored a multi-user utility that allowed the then-cutting edge dBASE II and dBASE III database managers to be programmed with file and record locking in both 8 and 16-bit environments -- something that Ashton-Tate, the publisher of dBASE products, had been unable to bring to market.

J.C. put TTG on hold following the explosion of IBM's Personal Computers and OS/2 and Microsoft's Windows, while he worked on the Air Force's NavStar program (which was the parent of the now ubiquitous GPS system), held the position of Vice President of Product Development for a Los Angeles-based software publisher managing the development of a line of computer-based tutorials, and served as Information Systems Manager for the Facilities Department at UCLA -- the university's second largest department. Following his experience in the public sector, J.C. spent six and one-half years for IBM presenting products and services in a series of seminars and road shows throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.

TTG received the Small Business Specialist designation from Microsoft Corporation in 2006, and has been actively consulting with Los Angeles and Orange County, California, service businesses and non-profit organizations since the fall of 2000. J.C. Love has had a long and close friendship with Clifton Broumand, president of Man & Machine, Inc., and began serving as the exclusive dealer to the U.S. Military and the Veterans Administration for Man & Machine's line of disinfectable and washable keyboards and mice since early 2005.